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Partaking or plotting?

Two weeks ago, the Church Times paper edition’s web page contained an article by Sarah Meyrick, about various new web-based British church organizations, which mentioned Thinking Anglicans. This is now on the CT website.
To read the whole article, follow this link and scroll down to Partaking or plotting?
The portion about Thinking Anglicans is reproduced below.
As Sarah concludes:

All these websites give people at the grassroots a chance to track events as they unfold, and to explore tricky issues with an audience far wider than could have been dreamt of in pre-web days. For the movers and shakers, they are a means of taking the temperature of the Anglican Church at a time of turmoil.
At its best, the internet provides a way of fostering community and broadening the horizons of its users; at its worst, it allows people to become narrower in outlook and to plot damage. I suspect the outcome in this case lies in how much – if at all – the different networks communicate with each other.

So here are links to the other sites she mentions:

Extract from Partaking or plotting?

Sarah Meyrick on church groups that campaign on the web

…Meanwhile, has taken a different approach, by creating a discussion forum, intended for “tolerant, thoughtful and understanding exploration”. Visitors post their views through weblogs or “blogs” – comments on news and issues – with a gentle lead from the founders. This is a clean site, which owes much to the well-established

Simon Sarmiento, one of the founders, says blogging is a uniquely powerful tool of communication (see below). “We wanted to give people the chance to share their opinions,” he says. “With blogging, all you need is a computer and a phone.” The site, which began life in August, now registers 500 page impressions a day.

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kendall Harmon
20 years ago

I would have liked the article better if she had mentioned there are also blogs for individuals as well as for groups. It is the combination of the two which makes the blogging world so interesting.
Perhaps she will do a follow up article on some of the most interesting individual and or church based blogs avaliable.


20 years ago

Woo hoo! Great job, guys!

Jay Vos
20 years ago

Yes! I’ve passed on the TA url to friends in Vermont.

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