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More Nigerian statements

Mark Harris has collated some further statements by the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) on the subject of homosexuality at Nigerian Anglicans ramp up the anti-gay rhetoric:

From Celebrating the ideals of GAFCON dated 24 February:

“the fellowship of Christian patriots in collaboration with Christian association of Nigeria (CAN) and the church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) flagged off the service of stand up for Jesus Festival of praise and thanksgiving held at the National Christian Centre Abuja on Saturday.

It brought to the fore the war against homosexualism, lesbianism and same sex marriage being waged by the church lead by the primate of all Nigeria Anglican communion Most Rev Peter Akinola, At the service the fight against union of same sex received a boost following a unanimous support pledged by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and well meaning Nigerians.”


“While American and Canadian Churches openly ordained gay clergy and blessed same-sex unions in September 2006. The Church of Nigeria headed by Archbishop Akinola issued a statement to the Nation commending the law-makers for their prompt reaction to outlaw same-sex relationships in Nigeria and calls for the bill to be passed since the idea expressed in the bill is the moral position of Nigerians regarding same-sex relationships.”

and this, later in the report of that lecture and discussion:

“Rev. Father George Ehusani, a former Treasurer of CAN said homosexuality as inherently disordered and that as far as Christian Religion is concerned it is a CRIME because instead of promoting the family it destroys it. He said Christians and Pastoral leaders have the primary responsibility of leading Homos from hell to heaven and bring them to sanity.

The Rt. Rev. Duke Akamisoko in his contribution suggested that political leaders and political office holders must be screened and investigated during electioneering to be sure that they have no leaning with homosexuality and lesbianism. He quoted copiously from the Bible to support his stand that homosexuality should not be condoned but punished severely.

The Rt. Rev. Samuel Olukunle Ajani said we should not shy away from the fact that homosexuality are living with the society hence all instruments should be employed to fight the scourge like HIV/AIDS and cultism.

It was the considered opinion of the generality of people gathered that pragmatic efforts should be made to teach and sensitize children from kindergartner to tertiary institutions and most importantly the Legislatures must take a definite stand to pass the Homosexuality Bill before it. “

“While rounding up the programme, the Primate of all Nigeria, Anglican Communion, The Most Rev. Peter J. Akinola said the Homosexual problem is not peculiar to Anglicans or Christians alone, according to him, it is a global human problem, he said all hands should be on deck to teach and sensitize people on what evil same-sex union has brought to mankind.”

And finally, at the close of the report, what Mark Harris considers the most telling comment was this, made by Archbishop Akinola:

“Primate Akinola raised a poser, and warned the National Assembly and the government not to succumb to serious pressures being mounted in the name of civil and human rights. He said that as long as Nigeria does not have the right to order England or the West on what to do likewise America has no right to tell us how to live in Nigeria.”

Also, Jim Naughton asks some further questions on Episcopal Café at Nigeria once again considers harshly punitive anti-gay legislation.

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David Bieler
David Bieler
15 years ago

And how is that that these statements aren’t “violations” of Lambeth Resolution 1.10, paraagraphs 3 and 4? Or is it that only one paragraph of their beloved resolution really carries any weight? Of course it may be no surprise that the proof-texting may not be restricted to the Bible itself.

Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

“The aim of the service which was to declare unity in the Anglican Church was conducted by the Primate himself, the Most Rev Peter Akinola, flanked by other Bishops and Priests.” This statement about the intention of Abp Akinola when presiding at a worship service in Abuja must be challenged – on the grounds of its dedication to the supposed ‘Unity of the Anglican Church’. It is Akinola himself – together with certain other African Primates – who have bought about the present era of Disunity in the world-wide Anglican Communion, by their assertion of an out-dated Biblical Fundamentalism into… Read more »

15 years ago

the fight against union of same sex received a boost following a unanimous support pledged by… well meaning Nigerians.”

Re “well meaning Nigerians”, a translation: mean Nigerians who’d just as soon throw LGBTs down a well.

[And what David Bieler said. When may we expect the ABC’s “Pastoral Visitors” to visit Nigeria? >:-/]

Lord have mercy…

Göran Koch-Swahne
15 years ago

What you say is interesting, Father Ron, for it gives a totally different angle than the presenting matter…

Anti Colonialism – perhaps… in any case Politics.

Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

Goran. Sadly, the importation of a Victorian view of sexuality in Africa (and other places) is one of the reasons why these missionised Churches are still clinging to an out-dated Colonial understanding of supposed Biblical injunctions against women and gays – since questioned by most Thinking Anglicans, who are concerned to bring emancipation from fundamentalist ideas about sex and gender issues. In other words, Akinola and some of the former Colonial Churches are still wedded to a false morality, which has been captive to an avoidance of new scientific and social information that could bring enlightenment. Fear has prevented the… Read more »

15 years ago

Fr. Smith, it might also be a case of “This is what you taught us. And now you’re telling us it needs to be changed?!” Missionaries and colonial authorities moved in and destroyed African religions. They replaced them with various forms of Christianity. Churches have been built up based on those teachings. And, now, things are changing. I think ++Akinola is a tyrant. He is aiding and abetting the oppression of, and violence against, GLBT people. I think he and his fellow like-minded African Anglican primates are indeed paying attention only to the first clause of part 4 or d… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
15 years ago


Yes, sadly, you are probably right on this issue. And it now behoves the ABC and Western Primates of the Anglican Communion to to dis-associate their contingency from the out-dated Biblical understanding of the 19th century – declaring that the Gospel message has always to maintain a contemporary outlook.

The Roman Catholic Church, of course, has the same problem – with pre and post Conciliar attitudes on both liturgy and aspects of human development in conflict, and needing resolution.

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