Thinking Anglicans

on the way to the ACC

Three articles published last week in the run-up to the ACC meeting:

Savitri Hensman Comment is free Gay people need justice in Jamaica

Graham Kings Fulcrum and also Church of England Newspaper Between the Primates’ Meeting and the ACC

Michael Nazir-Ali Church of England Newspaper via Religious Intelligence Is the much-debated Covenant fit for purpose?

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mynsterpreost (=David Rowett)
15 years ago

“How long can faithful Anglicans in the pew and the pulpit wait for the Anglican Communion to deliver”

Oh well, I always knew I wasn’t a faithful anglican. Maybe my real place is with the Old Catholics after all….

karen macqueen+
karen macqueen+
15 years ago

How am I supposed to come to terms with this ACC meeting in Kingston, Jamaica? More importantly, how is the LGBT community in the Churches and in the world supposed to come to terms with this? A meeting of the ACC is being held in what is arguably the most homphobic country in the western hemisphere, a place where LGBT persons, including public health leaders of international stature, are beaten, arrested and murdered with impunity. The prime minister of Jamaica has expressed approval of these horrible acts. This meeting is being held to find an ostensibly graceful way to rein… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

Perhaps we all need to be patient and wait for what comes out of this meeting of the ACC before we shoot it down. If the Holy Spirit is still working in the Churches of the Communion, then what takes place in this particular gathering might just surprise us all. Despite Jamaica’s abysmal record on the human rights of gays, the fact that such a body can meet there ought to give us all hope that any decisions made by the participants will help the cause of gays and women within the Communion, bringing influence to bear – no only… Read more »

15 years ago

Wow, the more I read Fulcrum stuff, the farther away from contemporary reality it sounds to be. I just read Andrew Goddard fulminating against gay marriage because his conservative sense of the sacred would be violated. He has the boldness to repeat all the flat earth canards in his reasoning, as if we knew nothing else and had no effective inquiries in progress. Then, we get to Kings piece. Whew. I’m still a big tent believer, so I hardly argue that Goddard or Kings should be excommunicated or whatever. This constant repeating of traditionalistic flat earth nonsense about how entirely… Read more »

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