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ACC reports – Wednesday morning

Dave Walker, who has drawn this cartoon about the meeting, has also drawn attention to the location of the official Flickr photostream.


ACC-14 Press Briefing 5th May 2009

On Tuesday May 5 Archbishop Gomez and Bishop Gregory Cameron held a press briefing reviewing the document and Bishop Gregory explained the process that ACC will follow in considering the text and discussed the kind of resolution that would be needed to forward the Covenant to the provinces for their consideration.

This includes links to the audio of the press conference, and a link to the PDF file containing the address of Archbishop Drexel Gomez concerning the history and current text of the Covenant draft.

The Networks of the Anglican Communion Podcast 1

In the podcast the Rev Paul Holley the Anglican UN representative in Geneva discusses the proposal and the benefits that the Anglican Communion would receive by establishing the Anglican Health Network.

Anglican Journal

Delegates weigh ‘tighter time frame’ for covenant approval process

Anglican Networks gain prominence at ACC

Episcopal News Service

‘Evolving’ covenant adoption process makes for ambiguity

ACC commits to communion’s peace, justice and reconciliation work

Changing Attitude

Accreditation issues

Archbishop of Canterbury emphasises patience and reconciliation, not instant resolution

Anglican Peace and Justice Network panel on homosexuality

Anglican Mainstream

Report from ACC 14- Day Four by Chris Sugden and the Rev. Philip Ashey, C.O.O, American Anglican Council.

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Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

“The question of when member churches of the Anglican Communion should state whether they would be signing on to the Covenant ‘is obviously surfacing’ and he has heard from some council members ‘that they would like to see a tighter time frame for the reception of the covenant than prioposed’. – Bishop Gregory Cameron told a Press briefing”. What’s all the hurry? And just how many of the delegates have asked for this ‘tighter time frame’ that Gregory Cameron is talking about? It might be useful to have a secret ballot to find out who they were and how many.… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

In his address to the ACC on Wednesday about the recent report from the Windsor Continuation Group, Archbishop Rowan stressed the need for the two groups who are involved in the stand-off over the 3 moratoria (concerning Gay Bishops and Same-sex Blessings versus Provincial Intervention) in the USA and Canada (and beyond), that representatives from all parties meet together to hear from one another the reasons for their actions which brought about the need for moratoria. This sounds eminently sensible – especially in view of the fact that the sexuality issue has not yet been fully examined by those parties… Read more »

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