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ACC reports – Wednesday evening

Two more items from ACNS

Resolutions of ACC-14 from 5th May
These cover numerous topics relating to the various Anglican networks.

ACC-14 Press Briefing 6th May 2009
This deals with the final report of the Windsor Continuation Group. There is a link there to the audio of the press conference, featuring Bishop Gregory Cameron.

Another important matter to come before ACC-14 is consideration of the final report of The Windsor Continuation Group. The WCG was set up by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 2007 to advise him on the implementation of the recommendations of the Windsor Report, how best to carry forward the Windsor Process in the life of the Communion, and to consult on the “unfinished business” of the Report.

The Windsor Continuation Group was chaired by Archbishop Clive Handford, the retired President Bishop of Jerusalem & the Middle East.The Group presented a first set of observations at the Lambeth Conference in 2008 and met following Lambeth to prepare a final report. The Primates at their meeting in Alexandria, Egypt in February 2009 received it.

At ACC 14 the Archbishop of Canterbury made a presentation on the report and the meeting will be considering a resolution on this subject on Friday May 8.

A press briefing was held on Wednesday May 6 where Bishop Gregory Cameron spoke of the background and importance of the Windsor Continuation Report and answered questions.

Changing Attitude has an article, The abusive language and myths used about TEC. The article to which this refers was also linked in the earlier TA item below, and is here.

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Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

“He (Dr. Mouneer Anis) said that when he was a doctor in Iraq, he knew people with a homosexual orientation who wrote him secret letters seeking help. Secret, because homosexuality is something abnormal, a shameful thing, a crime in our culture and people can be punished if they are spotted practising homosexual activity. – Colin Coward, reporting from ACC 14 – This is the very attitude which the Anglicans at ACC 14 will have to battle with – if they ever get down to the ‘Listening Process’ enjoined on Primates and the Provinces by Lambeth. Bishop Mouneer’s obviously crass ignorance… Read more »

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