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ACC reports – Thursday evening

The Networks of the Anglican Communion Podcast 3
This covers the Anglican Peace and Justice Network.

ACC-14 Press Briefing 7th May 2009 with Canon John Rees

ACC-14 Press Briefing 7th May 2009 with Canon Phil Groves

Anglican Journal
‘Free-floating’ body seeks formal relationship with council

Anglican Consultative Council Digest

Anglican Mainstream
ACC-14 Day 6 Candidates for election as chair of ACC.

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Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

I have found the podcasts provided from the A.C. web-site to be distinctly helpful in trying to understand the workings of the ACC – especially during the present meetings in Jamaica. Canon John Rees, on 7th May, gave a very enlightening Press Briefing about certain legal aspects of the ACC’s constitutional responsibilities – which need to be heard to be appreciated. In particular, when questions were asked about, for instance, the constitutionality of the ACC Joint Standing Commttee’s response to the Archbishop of Uganda’s ploy to put one of his American ACNA colleagues onto the ACC Council, Canon Rees clearly… Read more »

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