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ACC reports – Tuesday

Updated twice on Tuesday evening

ACNS has several items:
The Networks of the Anglican Communion Podcast 6
Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion.

The Networks of the Anglican Communion Podcast 7
The International Anglican Family Network.

ACC-14 Press Briefing 11th May 2009

On Monday May 11,2009 the current ACC Chair Bishop John Paterson of Auckland New Zealand, the newly elected chair Bishop James Tengatenga of Malawi and Canon John Rees (the legal advisor to ACC participated in a press briefing… Canon Rees provided some important information to clarify the process concerning resolutions and the power and authority of the Chair at ACC meetings.

ACC-14 Presidential Address by the Archbishop of Canterbury see below for link to transcript

Divisions are deep but can be healed, Archbishop of Canterbury tells ACC

Update: Anglican Consultative Council Digest

Anglican Journal
Future shape of Anglican Communion uncertain, says Archbishop of Canterbury

Sixth mark of mission focuses on peace and reconciliation

Changing Attitude has more detail about Results of election to ACC Standing Committee.

New Vision reports Orombi protests over Jamaican meet.

An earlier report at Religious Intelligence was Uganda Primate angry over delegate’s ban.

Pluralist has How It Was Done (ACC).

Dave Walker has written Anglican Consultative Council: Andrew Brown on newspapers and blogs which includes a link to Andrew Brown’s column in last week’s Church Times titled Press: A marked bias against journalism.

Tuesday afternoon update

ACNS now has the transcript of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Presidential Address.
ACC-14 Presidential Address by the Archbishop of Canterbury

And also The Networks of the Anglican Communion Podcast 8
The Anglican Communion Environmental Network.

Tuesday evening update

The Networks of the Anglican Communion Podcast 9
The Revd Terrie Robinson, Anglican Networks Co-ordinator.

ACC-14 Election of Vice Chair and Joint Standing Committee

Nyasa Times Robbers loot Bishop Tengatenga residence

Daily Episcopalian Adrian Worsfold Reigning in the Ridley draft

Anglican Journal ACC seeks equal but ‘non-voting’ membership at primates’ meeting

second Tuesday evening update

Living Church Archbishop Williams: Begin Covenant Discussions Now

ENS Anglican Consultative Council Digest

Changing Attitude Canon Phil Groves briefed the press last Thursday on the Listening Process

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15 years ago

It seems that +Tengatenga’s home was robbed while he was at ACC:

“Armed robbers raided the official residence of Anglican Church Bishop, Rt Rev James Tengatenga at Namiwawa in Blantyre going away with computers and cash.”

They entered through the door even though there were three guards posted?! His wife and child were in the house at the time and were confronted by the men, but are OK.

Prayers go out to the bishop; a nasty experience, especially when your family are involved and you’re not there with them.

Marshall Scott
15 years ago

I hope we will soon hear the last of the concerns about the Rev. Ashey. Surely even he can see the impossibility of asking someone to participate in voting to maintain moratoria who is himself prima facie evidence of violation of any moratorium of provincial border crossings. Or he does indeed, and is only angry because it was caught before Mr. Ashey could also become prima facie evidence of de facto recognition of ACNA by the ACC. For all the screaming, the Pluralist’s description of how Resolutions A and B and C were considered and amended (or, in the case… Read more »

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold)
15 years ago

That really was a most incoherent Presidential address, really poor for Rowan Williams. I assume he is worn out by it all, and rather lost for something to say that’s useful.

I have a different version:

15 years ago

Fair, clear procedural rules are probably always helpful to the extent that all know and follow them. (My best guess is that Orombi knew just what he was doing, or his advisors knew. Now we are supposed to feel confused by the attempts to cover up, using unwritten rules of good will in Anglican Peace Time to put soft sheepskin on his boundary violator wolf? It’s Uganda as ACNA acting like conservative realignment agents are the only real Anglicans, again.) That said, we can hardly avoid a lot of mess because (A) the issues are messy to start with, plus… Read more »

John Sandeman/ Obadiah Slope
John Sandeman/ Obadiah Slope
15 years ago

Marshall Scott,
Your plea for common sense for Uganda not to put members of their clergy resident in the US up as ACC members would be the stronger if TEC had not put forward a consecrator of Bp Robinson.

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

“For some gays and lesbians, Christian credibility has been shattered by a sense of rejection and scapegoating. They cannot commend the Christianity they love and believe in because they are caught up in a community where scapegoating and rejection is ingrained.” – Abp. Rowan Williams, in his presidential address to ACC14. – In this answer to a question about who was bearing the most pain in the present stand-off in the Communion, the ABC gives a clear statement about one of the pain-bearing parties – the LGBT sector. In comparing this with the perceived pain of those who felt they… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

Dear Pluralist, You do seem to spend a awful lot of time on your completely obfuscating and worrying analysis of Anglican goings-on at your beautifully decorated web-site. However, it does offer a little light relief to those of us who occasionally do get rather tired of all the seriousness with which the re-asserters are attempting to scuttle our beloved Anglican Communion. However, a word of warning, Pluralist, there are those of us within the Communion who quite admire our hard-pressed ABC – even when he appears to be saying something inconsequential. As he himself has implied, there are sometimes hidden… Read more »

15 years ago

John Sandeman, on May 4th Sarah Hey, posting at T19 on the Philip Ashley credentials controversy, stated “the Anglican Communion doesn’t seat people who aren’t members of the Anglican Communion for its bodies, even if certain clergy or laity are members of a *province* of the Anglican Communion ….. And you can’t be a member of the Anglican Communion if you’re a member of a province while serving in the geographic territory of another province without that province’s permission. Just as with bishops of the ACNA, so with clergy of the ACNA. And so with laity of the ACNA.” In… Read more »

15 years ago

“….. they are in fact still baying down at the ACI.” And no-one is paying the slightest attention. Let dogs delight …..

Marshall Scott
15 years ago

John/Obadiah, you know my respect for you. I’ll concede the point somewhat, but Bishop Roskam did participate in Bishop Robinson’s consecration *before* the moratorium on consecrating further partnered gay bishops had been requested. Mr. Ashey, on the other hand, changed his allegiances *after* the moratorium on boundary crossings had been requested. Certainly, Archbishop Orombi’s action was after. And, noting Lapinbizarre’s earlier post, the ploy for de facto recognition was quite apparent on all sides. I’ll also concede that it’s a technicality. I can’t say that, had another partnered gay priest been elected bishop and received consents, Bishop Roskam wouldn’t have… Read more »

John Sandeman/ Obadiah Slope
John Sandeman/ Obadiah Slope
15 years ago

Marshall, I hope you read my tone as one of disappointment and regret concerning Bp Roskam at the ACC. Not anger, not “gotcha”. It would have been better if both churches/provinces had avoided contentious representatives. I suspect you agree.

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