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looking back at the ACC – 2

There was more in the Church Times last week that was subscriber-only at the time: Williams: Feel others’ pain and Pro-Israel group slams ‘ghastly’ statement.

And in a related story Bill Bowder wrote Pope could help, says Nazir-Ali.

Ruth Gledhill also reported that address, see Michael Nazir-Ali: Anglicans must ‘look to Pope for unity’.

Mouneer Anis published Bishop Mouneer’s Reflection on the ACC-14 Meeting in Jamaica, May 2009.

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Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

“The goal of ARCIC was to find unity “in which all that we value is respected”. People wished to be “united but not absorbed”. – Bp. Nazir-Ali – This statement of Bishop Nazir-Ali to the Newman Society recently contrasts startlingly with his unwillingness to recognise those liberals in the Church of England with whom he as a conservative is not prepared to co-exist. He said, in the context of Anglican Roman Catholic relationships, that Anglicans would be willing to be “united but not absorbed” with/by the Roman Catholic Church. Can he not see that this is precisely what he needs… Read more »

15 years ago

The snarkster in me says “Rome’s that-a-way, Mike.” The (once-and-future?) ecumenist in me agrees with him—but only to a point that neither he, nor Rome (as currently occupied) would possibly recognize. The ARCIC concept of the Bishop of Rome as a “locus of unity” has much that is worthy of, at least, *exploration*. The Gordian Knot is untangling locus-of-unity from *PRIMACY* (read, “the one to whom all SUBMIT”)—which I see little evidence of the Vatican surrendering in the forseeable future. As Nazir-Ali and B16 would have it, it seems more like the odd-bedfellows of Pilate and Herod: becoming Great Friends… Read more »

15 years ago

What JCF said, oh yeah.

15 years ago

Reading Bishop A in Egypt is informative and interesting. He cannot see that there is any empirical reason why he cannot continue business as usual. With the caveat that business as usual must now include hauling all the western democracices backwards, towards centers of value and violent practice typical of a range of places where the most very traditional Middle Eastern or other global societies no doubt exist today. Believers in western democracies will, however, not likely be dragged that far back. We cannot maintain traditional negative beliefs about those pesky target gay folks, without undermining our modern best practices… Read more »

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