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news from the world of realigning dioceses

From San Joaquin:

ENS Final depositions for 61 disaffiliated clergy

Press release Letters of deposition sent

PDF of deposition notice

Bishop Schofield responds, see here.

From Fort Worth:

ENS Bishop asks clergy to verify decision to leave

Press release Bishop Gulick sends letters to clergy who left the Episcopal Church

PDF of letter from Bishop Gulick

From Pittsburgh:

TEC Hearing Conducted In Diocesan Assets Case

Southern Cone Legal Update- May 27 Hearing

For an eyewitness account see Lionel Deimel My Day in Court.

PDF of TEC intervention here

PDF of Bp Duncan’s filing here

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Robert Ian Williams
Robert Ian Williams
14 years ago

Bishop Duncan invited the bishops of the so-called Anglican catholic Church to attend the launch of ACNA. he replied in part… “In summary, then, we see in the ACNA the fundamental alterations in traditional Anglican faith, worship, order, and practice that led to the formation of our own Continuing Church in 1978. We would be glad to establish conversations with your ecclesial body in hopes that you may, having freed yourselves of the Episcopal Church, continue further on the same path by decisively breaking from a corrupt Anglican Communion and by returning to the central tradition of Christendom in all… Read more »

14 years ago

Mr. Duncan isn’t a liberal RIW he quite simply wants his own kingdom. He’ll do or say anything and use anyone or anything to get the title “your grace.” He openly licensed a gay, partnered priest in the diocese of Pittsburgh and even recommended to a gay deacon seeking ordination to apply to another diocese since Duncan felt he was called to serve in the priesthood. This is the same man who stoked the fires of the homophobic Akinola and played the “we don’t want a gay bishop” card to get to this point. When this didn’t bode so well,… Read more »

14 years ago

Gee BobinSWPA, could it be that we do a good enough job of attacking ourselves, let alone “those people” that we are the laughing stock of a younger generation? Speak for yourself! Try looking in the mirror.

You are correct on one matter, Christianity is losing people due to this nonsense.

Robert Ian Williams
Robert Ian Williams
14 years ago

It should read …..The head of the Anglican Catholic Church replied in part…..oops. tired and just arrived back from a holiday!

Cheryl Va.
14 years ago

Thank you Bobin Insulting and repressing females is only one reason Christianity and Jesus have been discredited (Jesus can’t blame Satan for his nearly thousand years of mismanagement and abdication of responsibility). Even worse is its abuse of children, especially orphans e.g.the recent court findings against the Irish Catholic church. Not only were orphans abused, the Vatican itself has blood money as a proportion of the Irish governments annual payments to support each orphan was skimmed to the vatican. In the meantime, literally thousands of incidents of abuse (including sexual) occurred within hundreds of institutions for decades. One example I… Read more »

Ford Elms
Ford Elms
14 years ago

“having freed yourselves of the Episcopal Church” My, my, such language. “Freed yourselves”. Really now. A bit much, but I suppose having to get along with people who disagree with you is a bit of an “oppressive burden”, at least for you, and when they won’t put up with your tantrums, I guess separating yourself from them CAN feel like “freedom”. Can we expect a rousing chorus of “By the Rising of the Moon”, or is that suspiciously Wiccan to you? “a corrupt Anglican Communion” Oh, come on now, Your Grace. This is over the top even for you! It… Read more »

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