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comment on the Pawleys Island case

Lionel Deimel has published some comments written by a Pittsburgh lawyer, Ken Stiles.
See A Perspective on the Pawleys Island Case.

Anglican Centrist has published comments by another lawyer, Eric Von Salzen.
All Saints Church Waccamaw – Abuses of the Statute of Uses?

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Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

In view of the very recent legal Pittsburg determination – that the actual Diocese of Pittsburg does not belong to Robert Duncan and his associates, and that TEC actually does own the properties of parishes and dioceses remaining within TEC – it will be very interesting to see how this Pawley case ends up after the next round in the Courts. I’ll bet Bobby and his mentors will be wringing their quasi-archiepiscopal hands over all of the new development – Anglican Curmudgeon not withstanding.

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