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Roderick Strange writes in The Times about Christ’s startling challenge to the rich young man.

Cif belief had this Question of the Week: How should the church deal with war? with responses from Lucy Winkett, Austen Ivereigh and Rosemary Hartill.

The Archbishop of Canterbury delivered this sermon at a service in St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday 9 October to mark the end of military operations in Iraq.

Giles Fraser writes in the Church Times about Capitalism: accidental generosity?

Christopher Howse writes in the Telegraph on William Gladstone: A prime minister who read books and Never more the sound of bells.

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Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

“We may not be asked to dispose of all our possessions, but we will be asked, like him, to face our vulnerability. The young man was confident that he could do anything, until Jesus revealed to him his weakness. And he will challenge us decisively.” – Roderick Strange – At this morning’s Mass, I decided to incorporate the story of Saint Francis of Assisi, whose own response to the call of Jesus was dramatically different. Francis was also aware of his own vulnerability – a need we all have, as Fr. Rod says here in this article. Besides his renunciation… Read more »

14 years ago

Really terribly sad about Taylors.

toby forward
14 years ago

Who cares what Rowan Williams says about the war in Iraq or anywhere else? On his watch, the Church of England has accelerated its journey to cease being a compassionate, intelligent body and become an ignorant and obscurantist oppressor of minorites. Peter Selby identified the ‘bullying, the threats, the withdrawal of communion, the unilateral invasions of others’ territories – (which)have made Anglicanism quite unrecognisable to a significant number of people’. Rowan Williams can’t preside over a humane institution with Godly understanding so no one should bother listening when he chastises the faults he sees in others. And, thing thing is,… Read more »

14 years ago

Is there not a fair bit of evasiveness in Roderic Strange’s comment?

I will be interested in comparing his Bible lite interpretation with my favorite preacher at today’s sermon. She is hardly a hard core traditionalist but I doubt her take on the reading will be the same.

I also wonder what St. Francis and St. Clare would make of his comments – though, granted that they are appealing and become more and more appealing as one’s assets increase. However, I fear that positive correlation is worrisome!

Fr Mark
Fr Mark
14 years ago

Toby: quite. Well said.

Spirit of Vatican II
14 years ago

Cardinal Ratziinger and John Paul II declared clearly at the time that the Iraq war was immoral and wrong. The man with the shoes said the rest. Peace on the souls of the countless Iraqi victims.

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