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opinions for this weekend

Judith Maltby writes in the Guardian about the Creation Museum.

Madeleine Bunting writes at Cif belief about The rabbi’s moral muddle.

Giles Fraser writes in the Church Times about Checks and balances in the City.

Jonathan Sacks writes in The Times that The lesson of Noah’s Ark is that wolves can lie down with lambs.

Rowan Williams spoke to a TUC conference this week, on the topic Economics is ‘housekeeping’ for humanity. Short version here.

At Ekklesia Walter Altmann writes that Liberation theology is still alive and well.

And the Church Times has a take on the film Twilight. Read Stories with bite.

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Erika Baker
Erika Baker
14 years ago

do you know which article Madeleine Bunting is referring to? Could you possibly insert a cross reference?

Simon Sarmiento
14 years ago

Yes it is his Theos thinktank lecture. See Opinions from two weeks ago, here

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

“The miracle at the heart of monotheism is that unity up there creates diversity down here. That is an idea capable of bringing scientists and religious believers together in a shared sense of awe and responsibility.” – Rabbi Jonathan Sachs – And, as modern science moves into the area of the mystery of human gender and sexuality, we begin to discover the infinite variety of human beings, whose response to what has been dealt to them by their core human nature forces us to consider the validity of LGBT individuals existing within the wide range of humanity, as well as… Read more »

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