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Ugandan update


Episcopal Life Online has published a report, Uganda’s proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill causes concern and caution.

The Chicago Consultation published a press release, Chicago Consultation Asks Anglican Leaders to Oppose Ugandan Anti-Gay Legislation.

The New Statesman published an article, Uganda is sanctioning gay genocide by Sigrid Rausing

And it got a mention on the Guardian website, Activists denounce Uganda’s homosexuality bill.

Warren Throckmorton has published further articles:

Ugandan university hosts dialogue; Exodus letter plays a role

College of Prayer, the Ugandan Parliament and the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

The full text of Professor Sylvia Tamale’s address can be found here.


There’s a further ELO news release, Executive Council members call for special meeting on Uganda legislation.

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Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

“The idea of destrying homosexuality came from colonialists. In other words, homosexuality was not introduced to Africa from Europe as many would want us to believe. Rather, Europe imported legalised homophobia to Africa. Homosexuality was introduced as an offence in Uganda directly through laws that were imported from Britain sduring colonialism”. – Sylvia Tamale, Makerere University Dialogue – The whole of Professor Sylvia Tamale’s Discussion Paper needs to be read and evaluated in the light of the commonly-held African view that homosexuality did not exist in Uganda (or, indeed, anywhere else in Africa) before the British Colonial rulers brought in… Read more »

Spirit of Vatican II
14 years ago

This shows that Ugandans can argue their own human rights cases — something that our calls for international outcry may cast in the shade?

Cynthia Gilliatt
Cynthia Gilliatt
14 years ago

Jeff Charlotte [spelling may be off] who infiltrated and wrote a book about a very creepy conservative group called The Family [which is the name of the book he wrote about it]is behind the proposed Ugandan legislation. How? The Ugandan who proposed it is what the group calls a Core Member. The organizar of Uganda’s National Day of Prayer is also a member. The Family is behind it here. The speakers in America are pretty bland, but the seminars around the national day are recruiting tools. I’m sure it’s the same in Uganda. Please keep an eye out for print… Read more »

Fr John E. Harris-White
Fr John E. Harris-White
14 years ago

This address should be forwarded to the UN general Secretary for discussion by their council, and to all faith leadersAnglican/Roman, Moslem, and all other religions. A light to lighten the gentiles.

Fr John

Cynthia Gilliatt
Cynthia Gilliatt
14 years ago

“This shows that Ugandans can argue their own human rights cases — something that our calls for international outcry may cast in the shade?”

My unserstanding that there is very little of what we would call a free press for ordinary Ugandans. Professor Tamale is taking a brave step in writing what he did. I pray he is not punished for it.

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