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three more statements on Uganda


Box Turtle Bulletin reports Uganda’s Official Media Centre Publishes Article Suggesting Anti-Homosexuality Act Not Needed.

Columnist Obed K. Katureebe wrote an opinion piece in which he suggests that the Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act may not be needed. While Katureebe does not hold a governmental position, the fact that this piece appears on the government’s official Media Centre web site might be significant. The Media Centre acts as a “centralized location where all official government correspondence and information can be easily accessed.”

Here’s the full text of the media centre article: Homosexuality: we can still avoid foreign bad press.

Update That article has been removed from relocated in the website. However you can still read it over here.

Box Turtle Bulletin also reports Vatican Statement about Uganda’s proposed legislation.

Today the Vatican representative read a statement to a United Nations panel on anti-gay violence. Although the Holy See did not reference Uganda by name, it does address in a general sense its response to the Ugandan Kill Gays bill. The timing suggests that this statement is driven by the publicity surrounding the bill…

And, Warren Throckmorton has this: Rick Warren issues statement to Uganda regarding Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009. Among the points Rick Warren makes is this one:

5. What did you do when you heard about the proposed Ugandan law?

I wrote to the most influential leader I knew in that country, the Anglican Archbishop of Uganda, and shared my opposition and concern. He wrote me back, saying that he, too, was opposed to the death penalty for homosexuals. There are thousands of evil laws enacted around the world that kill people (For instance, last year, 146,000 Christians around the world were killed because of their faith.). In this case, I knew the Archbishop in Uganda, so I did what I could, but my influence in that nation has been greatly exaggerated by the media.

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Göran Koch-Swahne
14 years ago

Why does this make me think of the Bucket woman into Appearances?

Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

“..Which is why I call on the government to avoid the bad press. Since homosexuality is already criminalised in Uganda, one wonder(s) whether parliament is utilising its time optimally by focussing on homosexualty when the majority of our people are suffering from hunger, lack of access to water and disease and collapsing infrastructure.” – Obed K. Katureebe – Such a very measured statement form this news columnist on the official Uganda Government web-site. However, the ‘bad press’ that the Ugandan Government is getting from around the Anglican Communion is, sadly, quite sparse – apart from the Provinces of Canada and… Read more »

Cynthia Gilliatt
Cynthia Gilliatt
14 years ago

“In this case, I knew the Archbishop in Uganda, so I did what I could, but my influence in that nation has been greatly exaggerated by the media.”

That’s some fancy back-pedaling.

I still await statements from Minns, Dunkin’ and that gang.

Oh, and from The Family.

And from he whom I shall not name in Advent.

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