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Opinions before Synod

Alan Wilson looks forward to next week’s meeting of General Synod in a Face to face column in The Guardian: How the General Synod works is more important than anything it decides.

Giles Fraser writes in the Church Times that Football needs some humility.

Rowan Williams has written in Newsweek about God and Wall Street. The article is also available on the Archbishop’s website.

John Shepherd writes in a Times Credo column that We all have faith, whether or not we recognise it.

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14 years ago

Giles Fraser is as always, bang on the nail during this week of the (American) Superbowl, but ego isn’t limited to sports, does one think that his “excellency” Archidiot –Duncan has gotten too close to the sun with his photographs on trinkets sold on both sides of the pond?

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

“Imagine that – a place where passion and energy to change the world were expressed with deep mutual respect, even in the face of profound and ­heartfelt disagreement. How the ­General Synod works is far more important than anything it decides. You may say that I’m a dreamer. But (I hope) I’m not the only one” – Alan Wilson – Alan Wilson’s musing on the need for a General Synod reflect, perfectly, the intentions of those provinces of the Anglican Communion which first allowed groups of elected laity, clergy and bishops to join together in Church synodical gatherings – even… Read more »

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