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LGBT Anglican Coalition Rejoices at Los Angeles Consecrations

The LGBT Anglican Coalition has issued this press release welcoming the forthcoming consecration of Diane Bruce and Mary Glasspool as bishops in Los Angeles.

LGBT Anglican Coalition Rejoices at Los Angeles Consecrations

The LGBT Anglican Coalition rejoices that Diane Bruce and Mary Glasspool will be consecrated as bishops in Los Angeles on the 15th May.

The Revd Diane Bruce and the Revd Mary Glasspool were each elected by large majorities of the laity, clergy and bishops of the Diocese of Los Angeles. Subsequently, their elections were confirmed by clear majorities, both of the bishops with jurisdiction in The Episcopal Church of the United States and of the standing committees of that church’s dioceses.

We rejoice that two more women will become bishops in the Anglican Communion. We send them our congratulations and welcome them as bishops with the many gifts that each will bring to the church.

We are deeply sorry that the reaction from some within the Church of England to the election of Mary Glasspool has been negative.

A great many people within the Church of England are unequivocally supportive of The Episcopal Church in being open to the election of bishops without regard to gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. We pray that the Communion at large will grow in confidence and maturity, so that it can learn to celebrate both those things which hold us together and those things over which we disagree.

We agree with the Chicago Consultation that:

“As a bishop, she is no threat to the work of God, or to Jesus’ commandment that we love our neighbour as ourselves.”

Honouring the relationships and ministries of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Christians, is, in the end, the only way in which the Anglican Communion can be faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We hope that the whole Anglican Communion will come to acknowledge and celebrate the diversity we have among us.

We endorse the recent words of Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori addressed to the primates of the Anglican Communion concerning Mary Glasspool’s election and confirmation:

“It represents a prayerful and thoughtful decision, made in good faith that this Church is ‘working out its salvation in fear and trembling, believing that God is at work in us’ (Philippians 2:12-13).”

The LGBT Anglican Coalition is “here to provide UK-based Christian LGBT organisations with opportunities to create resources for the Anglican community and to develop a shared voice for the full acceptance of LGBT people in the Anglican Communion”.

The Coalition members are:
Accepting Evangelicals
Changing Attitude
The Clergy Consultation
The Evangelical Fellowship for Lesbian and Gay Christians
Inclusive Church
The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement
The Sibyls

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Susannah Clark
Susannah Clark
14 years ago

The evolution of this group is potentially helpful and it could play a valuable role in providing a ‘presence’ within the Anglican Communion for people whose orientation or gender identity might otherwise sometimes get marginalised. I surfed around diocesan websites looking for diocesan initiatives, groups, mentions of LGBT and there is hardly anything to be found. It’s almost as if gay/lesbian/bi/trans has been airbrushed off diocesan sites. Just where and how do dioceses initiate groups to help lesbian, gay, bi- or transgendered Anglicans engage in the church in dialogue, or offer help to gay or lesbian christians, or initiate places… Read more »

Colin Coward
14 years ago

Susannah, thanks for your comments and the research you undertook into diocesan web sites, looking for any mention of LGBT people. You’re right, the church is sending out a negative message by airbrushing out our presence and is failing to take top-down initiatives. Therefore, we have to work to change this dynamic, and Changing Attitude trustees need to take a look at this at the meeting in two week’s time. We need to come up with ideas and proposals that can be put to diocesan staff and we need to continue the work of educating bishops and authority figures and… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

Perhaps, at last, the Church of England will begin to recognise the various groups who champion the cause of inclusivity in that Church. This group’s combined message to TEC, which affirms the upcoming episcopal ordination of two women priests in the Diocese of Los Angeles, ought to encourage our friends in TEC to recognise that there are many in the Anglican Communion who are encouraged by their life-giving policy of enablement to both women and gays in North America. Hence this co-ordinated message of love from supporters of TEC’s stance. The July General Synod of the Church of England will… Read more »

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