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Canadian General Synod – Saturday

Anglican Journal reports

Chillin’ with Fred ‘Claim your place on the floor of synod,’ primate tells youth
Falby gets another kick at the can as Prolocutor Election of Deputy Prolocutor to take place later this week
PWRDF gives thanks for 50 years of support ‘Money isn’t half the story,’ says interim director [Note: PWRDF = Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund]
Peace and reconciliation Bishop Suheil Dawani reveals the roots of his ministry in the diocese of Jerusalem
‘We are a people of hope’ Bishop from diocese of Jerusalem tells Synod delegation to keep up the good work

The ACoC website is carrying a daily report: “This unofficial summary of the previous day’s General Synod proceedings is posted daily for members and the general public (in PDF format).”
Daily Report

There are photos on the General Synod Flickr pages.

Some press reports

Alison Auld in Metro News Anglicans hope to avoid rancour in latest discussion of sensitive same-sex issue
Charmaine Noronha of Associated Press Anglican Canadians discuss same-sex blessings

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Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

“Most of the world’s Anglicans are theological conservatives who believe gay relationships violate scripture. More liberal Anglicans emphasize social justice teachings in the Bible, leading them to support full acceptance of same-sex couples.” – Charmaine Noronha – Assoc. Press – While what Charmaine says in the first sentence of this paragraph of her report could be true, one needs to examine where most of these conservative Anglicans are situated – in the Global South Provinces – where their Church hierarchies have openly voiced their homophobic opinions, largely based on out-dated Victorian theological under-standing of sexuality. In the Churches of the… Read more »

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