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Pentecost letters: more analyses

Three more articles analysing the letters from Rowan Williams and Katharine Jefferts Schori:

Jim Stockton wrote The power hungry Rowan Williams.

Christopher Seitz wrote God the Holy Spirit and “being led into all truth”.

The Anglican Scotist wrote a short item, titled Williams/ Schori (H/T to Episcopal Café).

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Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
14 years ago

Seitz writes:

“progressivistic orientation of Western consumerism”

Yes, well, need one say more.

14 years ago

Bravo to Anglican Scotist for getting to the core of the diversity/disciplinary dilemma. Poor Dr. Seitz, he welcomes an open honest church testing of new ideas about queer folks and human global church family, while utterly failing to take account of the empirical gears which have turned us so effectively and relentlessly to the present queer folks hot button controversies. I suppose that if Dr. S acknowledged the striking similarities between one set of flat earthisms (about the earth earth) and the other set (about queer folks being subhuman or not fully human), then his die would be cast –… Read more »

14 years ago

‘The Seitz position is wooden, ridiculously biblicist over all other texts, past-orientated, inflexible and about uniformity. It is ridiculous: for ethical reasons it should be contested and, ultimately, ignored.’

Thus Pluralist, at the end of his post (one of his best) on CS’s piece.

An important rider: there are Evangelicals and conservatives who argue honourably and honestly and with whom one should strive to remain in relationship, as they, on their side, generally do, too; and there is the other type.

Simon Sarmiento
14 years ago

The Pluralist article mentioned above can be found at

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