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Canadian General Synod – Monday

Update Tuesday afternoon

Anglican Journal reports

Facing the consequences Anglican Communion takes action against The Episcopal Church
Welcome home Parishes step up to sponsor 50 new refugee families
Springtime Silent Night Sequel to Amazing Grace video project to raise funds for military chaplaincy
A breath of fresh air Fresh Expressions not an either/or proposition, says Canadian team leader
Historic St. Paul’s is full of life Service on June 6 will feature an exciting mix of old and new
Resolutions, resolutions and more resolutions Indigenous people become full voting members of CoGS
Primacy ‘through the lens of mission’ Changes to Canon III expand role of the Primate
Bridge over troubled water Bishop of Jerusalem urges friendship with both Palestine and Israel

The ACoC wesbite has its own Silent Night report: Out of Amazing Grace, a Silent Night.
It also has a report of Sunday afternoon’s service A Journey Just Begun and the full text of the sermon preached by Archbishop Fred Hiltz.

The ACoC wesbite now has its own article on Canon Kearon’s address: Canadian Anglicans commended for contribution to Anglican Communion

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Rod Gillis
Rod Gillis
13 years ago

Timing could not be better. Canada’s General Synod is in session at the same time that The Episcopal Church is being punished. What an opportunity for the Canadian Church, which is also on the intimidation list, to support TEC by way of a formal resolution saying so in plain English.

Spirit of Vatican II
13 years ago

So it was hoped that “gracious restraint” would prevail until the Covenant was in place. After that restraint would be mandatory, I suppose. So if the Episcopalian Church wanted to act as it felt the Spirit was prompting, the action had to happen before the Covenant was embraced. But what are the chances of the Episcopalian Church embracing the Covenant? Has it expressed a willingness to do so?

David | Dah•veed |
David | Dah•veed |
13 years ago

In case anyone outside of Canada is confused regarding the Silent night article, loonies and toonies are Canadian $1 and $2 coins.

Fr. Rae Fletcher
Fr. Rae Fletcher
13 years ago

Could someone clarify for me? In a previous exclusion from Communion bodies TEC and the ACofC were invited to voluntarily step out. Now “the Communion” has removed TEC representatives from ecumenical dialogue bodies. Has The Consultative Council met to do this? Has “the Communion” been consulted about it (openly at least) or is the a new authority seized by Rowan on the road to a post covenant world for Anglicans?

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

My question might be – of Canon Kearon: “During your visit to the General Synod of the A.C.of C., have you been able to answer your own question: about whether, or not, the Canadian Church has breached any of the Windsor moratoria? And has that in any way affected your discussions with any Synod member or with the Synod as a whole? If not, why not?

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