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Bishop Bennison wins appeal

Updated again Saturday evening
ENS reports Court rules in favor of Charles Bennison.

An ecclesiastical review court Aug. 4 ruled in favor of Diocese of Pennsylvania Bishop Charles E. Bennison with respect to two alleged disciplinary charges stemming from his response to his priest brother’s sexual misconduct some 35 years ago.

The decision by the Court of Review for the Trial of a Bishop is here… [PDF file]

Read the full article for the background to this decision.

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Pennsylvania has issued a brief statement, and promised to say more soon.

Update see also An Invitation from the Standing Committee

The Living Church has Bp. Bennison Trusted the Canons.

Update See further ENS article, Standing Committee plans worship, ‘open conversation’ in wake of bishop ruling.

Other press reports:

Philadelphia Inquirer Episcopal bishop can return to head Pa. diocese

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Church overturns conviction of Episcopal bishop

Blog reports and comment:

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Gordon Reid Bishop Bennison wins his appeal

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Bill Dilworth
13 years ago

I honestly don’t understand why the statute of limitations applies here. Surely someone who covers up for a sexual abuser is guilty of being an accomplice after the fact?

paul noonan
paul noonan
13 years ago

i am profoundly grateful at this result to appeal. stripping bishop bennison of his priesthood was way over the top, considering all the aspects of the offence.

Rebecca Lyman
Rebecca Lyman
13 years ago

Bennison’s summary that his actions were “just about right” which merited rebuke in the opinion that he was wrong in his actions entirely and his comparison now to his experience to the suffering of Jesus (in Living Church article) reveals a continuing self-justification and little comprehension of what he refused to see and covered up. Mark Harris is entirely right that he should resign.

Laurence Roberts
Laurence Roberts
13 years ago

He has been thru so much. He must be exhausted.

What next ?

13 years ago

Generally, I feel So Good about us in TEC, that I may forget to ask…

…but PLEASE pray for us (esp. DioPenn).

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