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Anglican Covenant: Southern Africa favours

Updated Monday evening

ENS reports: SOUTHERN AFRICA: Province favors Anglican Covenant; decision to be ratified in 2013

The Anglican Church of Southern Africa on Oct. 1 voted in favor of adopting the Anglican Covenant, a decision that will need to be ratified by the next meeting of provincial synod in 2013.

A resolution adopting the covenant was passed by an overwhelming majority of the bishops, clergy and laity meeting Sept. 29-Oct. 3 in Benoni, Gauteng for the triennial meeting of the church’s provincial synod…

Update ACNS carries the exact text of the resolution:

This Synod,

1. Noting that:

1.1. The Synod of Bishops, meeting in September 2009, agreed that Provincial Standing Committee be asked to support the Covenant and that a resolution be brought to that body to that effect;

1.2. PSC passed a resolution at its September meeting that, “This PSC agrees in principle to support the adoption by ACSA of the Anglican Covenant subject to ratification by the Provincial Synod of 2010.”

2. Resolves that ACSA adopt the Anglican Covenant as approved by the Bishops; and

3. Requests that it be ratified at the next sitting of Provincial Synod.

Earlier reports from Southern Africa:

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13 years ago

One way or another, I think there may be a different AC context by 2013—perhaps creating a different outcome.

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

“The Anglican Church of South Africa has resolved to encourage the election of women as bishops of the church” – Episcopal News Service, TEC – This – rather than the news that the South African Provincial Synod has decided to affirm the Covenant – is encouraging to those of us in the Communion who believe that women should be admitted to the episcopate. Perhaps the Church of England will take this matter more seriously – now that one of the African Provinces have decided to act in this way. However, the dilemma of an all-pervasive Covenant that contains elements of… Read more »

Robert Ian Williams
Robert Ian Williams
13 years ago

The ACSA are also conscious that they have an ACNA Sydney supported rival..the Church of England in South Africa.

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

“The Revd Drake Tshenkeng of the Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman asked whether the Church was not giving “centralizing power” to the communion’s Standing Committee. The Dean of Grahamstown, the Very Rev Andrew Hunter said the covenant raised the questions: “How far does diversity stretch, who defines diversity and who sets the boundaries?” – Latest ACNS Report from S.A. General Synod – These 2 clerics – within the South African G.S. – have articulated what may prove to be the salient point about the Covenant’s unacceptability to the Provinces of the Communion that resist the whole idea of a centralised… Read more »

Rev Robin Behrens
Rev Robin Behrens
12 years ago

I do agree with JCF’s comment that the Anglican community in SA are looking again at the covernant and a different outcome may result. Personally the idea of unity is great but not at the expence of the Gospel truth.

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