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consents sought for Springfield election

A new bishop for the Diocese of Springfield was elected recently. See the official announcement: The Rev. Daniel Hayden Martins elected the 11th Bishop of Springfield.

There have been objections to his election, and rather unusually a diocese in which he had previously served has been one of those raising them. See Bishop Jerry Lamb and Standing Committee send letter regarding consent of Bishop-elect Dan Martins.

This was all reported by ENS in SAN JOAQUIN: Bishop, Standing Committee raise ‘grave concerns’ about Springfield election.

Others however have spoken up in his support, starting with his current diocesan, Bishop Edward Little: see Bishop Little on Dan Martins.

And also the group known as Concerned Laity of the Springfield Diocese.

And there is another letter of support from a group of people who are deputies to General Convention and /or on Executive Council.

Fr Dan Martins has himself been a blogger for some years, see Confessions of a Carioca.

It’s all a very far cry from the hidden machinations of the Crown Nominations Commission.

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John B. Chilton
13 years ago

Ditto your last sentence, Simon.

13 years ago

I’m so thankful that, in TEC, we have the democratic consents process.

And, in this case, I’m particularly glad to NOT be one responsible for voting! ;-/

I trust the process. People of goodwill differ, but all things will work together for good—whether Fr Martins receives consents to become bishop, or not.

Fred Schwartz
Fred Schwartz
13 years ago

There are several posting on Real Anglicans including a posting comparing the career of Fr. Joel Miller and Father Dan Martins — two old nemeses.

Göran Koch-Swahne
13 years ago

Prayers ascending!

Prior Aelred
13 years ago

Here is an interesting piece from Real Anglicans:

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