Thinking Anglicans

Comment on the Anglican Covenant

Alan Perry has written two articles:

Defining Controversial Actions

Defining Relational Consequences

Savi Hensman has written How might the Anglican Covenant work in England?

Benny Hazlehurst offered An Antidote to the Covenant

John Martin wrote The Covenant is good news for Anglicanism in Christian Today

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Lois Keen
Lois Keen
13 years ago

“Antidote to the Covenant” is brilliant!

Bill Moorhead
13 years ago

Alan Perry’s articles are very good, and I look forward to his next installment.

Savi Hensman’s article is also very good, as I have commented elsewhere.

I really enjoyed Benny Hazelhurst’s article.

I am not sure I want to belong to John Martin’s church. (I’m not upset that we disagree, but is he really that naive?)

13 years ago

Mr. Martin isn’t an optimist, he’s a propagandist.

Apparently, the same covenanters who accused TEC of creating “facts on the ground” have decided it’s in their best interest to do so.

Fr Mark
13 years ago

John Martin on the Covenant: “For Anglicans it will close down endless rows about sexuality…” This is the kind of comment which should make any sane Anglican vote against the Covenant. Closing down debate is what it is all about really. How on earth could John Martin see a future for Anglicanism in Western countries if it closes down its debate and never moves forward on the sexuality issue? Look the disastrous model of how the Vatican tries to keep the lid on debate and meanwhile is rapidly losing vast numbers of the faithful right across Europe: this is not… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

” Every age, it seems, has its own matters of controversy. What remains unchangeable is the willingness of Anglicans to argue, and sometimes, sadly, to break from the Church.” – Alan T. Perry – In his brilliant treatment of the problems to be found in the Covenant’s reference to ‘relational consequences’ following upon ‘questions’ being put to any Province’s controversial actions; Alan Perry has – in this one sentence – hit upon the weakness at the heart of the Covenant process. As he here states, there has always been some controversy about new theological understandings in the churches of the… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

“For the Catholic Church it will be good news. It has a great affection for Anglicanism and hopes to find in it a partner in ecumenical dialogue with which it can do business.” – John Martin – But only if the Covenant delivers a policy with which the Roman Catholic Church can identify and agree to!! In other words: if the Covenant can promise a continuing climate of rejection toward gays and ‘uppity women’ who want to be a part of the decision-making hierarchy of the Church! I, like Pluralist on this occasion, too, believe that John Martin – like… Read more »

Alan T Perry
Alan T Perry
13 years ago

You’re very kind, Bill.

My next instalment is on the question of raising questions.

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