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Another Anglican Covenant roundup

Ronald Stevenson, QC, the former Chancellor of the Anglican Church of Canada, and a retired Court of Queen’s Bench judge, has written another article (see here for his earlier one): Some History of Resistance to Centralizing Authority in the Anglican Communion.

Paul Bagshaw has recently written Creeds, orthodoxy and the Covenant.

Caroline Hall has published three articles so far about the Anglican Covenant:

Lesley Fellows wrote a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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Sara MacVane
Sara MacVane
13 years ago

As a point to add to what Lesley Fellows says: the C-of-E and indeed probably the Covenant position on ga clergy/bishops seems to be only cosmetic – if you are please be quiet about it and/or of course I know you are (and I ordained you after all knowing that full-well) but let’s not make your identity as such a point of public order. The same goes for blessings of civil partnerships, which take place all the time in UK, but do not appear in Common Worship and have not been officialised by GS: Now you might say that discretion… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

A very good letter from Lesley Fellows, but how many members of the Covenant Design Group, I wonder, have been privy to its contents?

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