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Primates Meeting: final day statements

ENS has now published a video recording of the press conference. See here.

ACNS has published Primates’ Meeting – Briefing #5.

This links to a series of other statements, available currently only as PDFs:

The release concludes with:

…Private letters that the Primates all agreed to send included one to Pakistan’s leaders on the blasphemy laws, a letter of support for Archbishop of Sudan the Most Revd Daniel Deng Bul, a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the Bishop of Jerusalem the Rt Revd Suheil Dawani, a letter to the heads of the six-nation talks on the situation in Korea, and a letter of support to both Archbishop Mouneer Anis and Pope Shenouda III.

In the afternoon session, the Primates nominated and elected their five members and five alternate members for the Primates’ Standing Committee. When all the Primates of the Anglican Communion have been informed who the new members are, the names will be posted on the Anglican Communion website. Documents on the scope and purpose of the Primates’ Meeting and of the Primates’ Standing Committee were also agreed.

Immediately following the press conference, the Primates attended a final Eucharist, presided over by the Primate of All Ireland Archbishop Alan Harper. The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams gave the homily. This service marked the end of the meeting.

There was also a press conference, see Podcast of the Press Conference from the Primates Meeting 2011.

At todays press conference the panel comprised of the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, The Most Revd Bernard Ntahoturi, Archbishop of the Province of Burundi & Bishop of Matana, The Most Revd Dr John Walder Dunlop Holder, Archbishop, Church in the Province of the West Indies & Bishop of Barbados and The Most Revd David Robert Chillingworth, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church & Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld & Dunblane. They were welcomed by The Most Revd Alan Edwin Thomas Harper, Primate of All Ireland & Archbishop of Armagh.

Dr Rowan Williams said the outcomes of the Primates Meeting had met his “Chief hopes” for the week. He explained that among other letters and statements agreed by the Primates there were two outlining the scope and purpose of the Primates Meeting and its Standing Committee. His address was followed by a question and answer session with members of the media.

And a further press release is titled Renewed clarity on Primates’ Meeting meets Archbishop of Canterbury’s “chief hope”. It includes:

Acknowledging the “significant number of absentees” at the meeting he [the Archbishop of Canterbury] said that the fact remained that two thirds of the body of Primates was present and three quarters expressed their willingness to attend but were unable to do so. “That means that two thirds of the Communion at least wish to meet and wish to continue the conversations they have begun.”

He said, however, that the absences of fellow Primates were felt and noticed every day, and that the documents agreed by the Primates emphasised building relationships across the whole body of Primates. He added he had had, and would be having meetings with those Primates who had not attended.

Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Burundi the Most Revd Bernard Ntahoturi stressed that those from Africa who had decided not to attend had “not withdrawn from the life of the Anglican Communion.”

“Not attending physically does not mean you are not participating in the life of the Communion,” he said. “I personally believe whether they are here they or not in Dublin, their hearts and aspirations are to see that the Anglican Communion develops positively and works together for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God.”

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13 years ago

From “The Role of the Primates’ Meeting”: “By God’s grace we strive to express that unity in diversity which is the Spirit’s work among the Churches of the Communion and the community of Primates. That unity is expressed and fostered by our study of the Scriptures together, prayer and the **celebration of the Eucharist**. We look to the Spirit to nurture our bonds of affection as we endeavour to work together with the other Instruments of Communion in the service of the Gospel.” [** my emphasis **] Excuse me but how is the unity expressed in the Eucharist when some… Read more »

13 years ago

[From the Statement on David Kato’s murder] Thirteen years later, that line from Lambeth 1998 condemning “irrational” fear of gay people still grates (like they’re giving a pass to *garden-variety fear* of Those Bizarre Discomfort-Inducing Gays?)

“He said, however, that the absences of fellow Primates were felt and noticed every day”

Left unsaid, whether the aphorism re absence (and fondness) was being disproved? ;-/

Malcolm French+
13 years ago

This wretched document on the scope and purpose of the Primates Meeting is an out and out coup d’eglise in which a bunch of pampered prelates illegitimately claim the right to direct the life of the Communion and the actions of individual provinces.

Guidance. Right. For this lot with their pointy heads in their pointy hats – even without the irreconcileables – Guidance means Direction.

Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

“Your Excellency, The Primates of the Anglican Communion, meeting at the Emmaus Centre near Dublin in the Republic of Ireland, have been deeply distressed to hear of the continuing bullying, harassment, and persecution being suffered by their brothers and sisters in Christ in the Diocese of Harare and beyond.” – Dublin Statement – And will ‘His Excellency’, do you think, listen to what the Church is saying – when even the United Nations seem powerless to check this Dictator in his stride? ‘You Excellency’, indeed! ‘Your Malevolence’ might be a better description of this despot. Is it not time this… Read more »

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