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Study Guide for Anglican Covenant

The Anglican Communion Office announces Study guide on the Anglican Communion Covenant published.

A study guide and a Questions & Answers document was published today to assist people exploring the Anglican Communion Covenant.

The study guide (available as a pdf document) from the Anglican Communion website ( is intended for parishes, deaneries, dioceses or groups of individuals wishing to explore the Covenant and the way it describes Anglican identity. It contains the text of the Anglican Communion Covenant interspersed with summaries of the material. Communion members are invited to download the guide and to adapt it for their own context. There is also a set of Questions & Answers about the Covenant that seeks to address some commonly asked questions. Neither is a definitive commentary on the Covenant.

These resources were produced as a result of a meeting of the Inter-Anglican Standing Committee on Unity Faith and Order (IASCUFO) in 2009. A working group of IASCUFO has now completed this commission. There is a suggestion that people may be interested in including some of the material for use in parish bulletins, diocesan newspapers or other church communication channels.

The working group of IASCUFO includes the Rt Revd Victoria Matthews, Bishop of Christchurch New Zealand (convenor); the Rt Revd Kumara Ilangasinghe, recently retired Bishop of Kurunagala, Church of Ceylon; and the Revd Dr Simon Oliver, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, University of Nottingham.

The Q&A is also available as a PDF.

More about IASCUFO can be found here.

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Malcolm French+
13 years ago

More whitewash from the ACO propaganda shop.

13 years ago

Not a whiff of no:

So now we know. It is also about parishes and believers, as in the study guide, relating to restriction and slow as a snail regarding inclusion, as in the Q and As – so it will heavily impact on the C of E. Best vote no if you don’t want this.

Recent no resolutions and messing about at the Primates’ Meeting was obviously Rowan Williams trying to reassure the Western Anglican Churches – but here is the reality of the Covenant.

Rod Gillis
Rod Gillis
13 years ago

What Malcolm said in his 17/02 7:36 pm post. On the money.

13 years ago

We have always been at war with Eurasia.

Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

I would not be too surprised to see the unification of the non-Gafcon Provinces around the See of Canterbury as the foundation of the New Anglican Communion. After aLL, only the GAFCON Primates and their surrogates in ACNA have actually stepped back from continuing to attend Primates; Conference and Lambeth.

The Covenant may yet become a tool of conciliation between non-GAFCON Provinces, and therefore what one might call ‘Anglican Light’ but Viable.

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