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opinion on a holiday weekend

Andrew Brown wrote at Cif belief Catholic child abuse analysed
The John Jay Institute report on the child abuse scandals in the USA has been published. It will surprise and discomfort all sides.

Savi Hensman wrote at Cif belief What would Jesus cut?
David Cameron claims Jesus invented the ‘big society’ – but the Christian message has a strong emphasis on social justice.

Giles Fraser wrote in the Guardian The killing of Osama bin Laden may only have turned us into our enemies
Christians lambasted for being wishy-washy are right to be suspicious of the idea of the just war.

AWN Pugin’s finest gift to his country
Sacred mysteries: Christopher Howse in the Telegraph finds that things are looking up for the Victorian architect’s most treasured building.

From last week’s Church Times:
Do God and government US-style
New American models of religious social action could work in the UK, argues Francis Davis.

In praise of normal mysticism
Evelyn Underhill’s writings remain a vital guide to the spiritual life, says Jane Shaw.

The Guardian’s Face to Faith column is by David Bryant: Heavyweight ethics are no way to help the newly bereaved face up to their grief.

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12 years ago

The treatment of some of Pugin’s churches in the sixties and later, through outright vandalism and through neglect, was appalling. Good to see that things are looking up at St Augustine’s. Pugin’s tabernacle, shown at the 1851 Great Exhibition, was removed in the late 60’s and found a home a few years later as a sacrament house in Southwark’s Anglican Cathedral.

Father Ron Smith
12 years ago

David Bryant offers us a moving example of ‘theology in context’ with his piece about how one might approach the pastoral situation of the need for a ‘listening ear’ rather than a lecture on morality.
Sadly, this latter has been the basis of division within the Anglican Communion; where didactic moralising has replaced the ethic of Christian Charity. “Where charity and Love are – there is God”
Where, any longer, is there a ‘Listening Ear’?

Robert Ian Williams
Robert Ian Williams
12 years ago

Ould wants a Synod vote he knows the gays will lose.

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