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More Anglican Covenant complexities

In the previous Covenant article, mention was made of the recent analysis by Andrew Goddard.

Two developments in relation to that.

Alan Perry wrote this critique of it: Send in the Theologians

The editors of the No Anglican Covenant blog asked the ACO if what was claimed about IASCUFO working on reforms to the Instruments of Communion was correct. The answer is available here: Don’t Panic.

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Father Ron Smith
12 years ago

Andrew Goddard’s article on the Covenant attempts to play down the significance of Section 4:2, which is the ‘blunt instrument’ that denies participants the dignity of following their own cultural and diverse understanding of the call of the Gospel in the local community context. The overt patriarchalism of certain of the Third World Provinces of the Communion is presently at odds with the gender/sexuality understanding of Churches in other Provinces. Their unwillingness to dialogue with the more liberal cultures of the West gives the Global South Provinces an unfair advantage in the Sola Scriptura stakes currently being proffered as their… Read more »

Laurence C.
Laurence C.
12 years ago

“After all, Jesus never said anything directly about gays or lesbians, but he did about divorce.” Father Ron Smith

More accurate would be to say that Jesus is not recorded as having said anything directly about gays or lesbians. The Bible isn’t Hansard. He may have said any number of things on the subject but, if he did, either it wasn’t recorded or the evidence, if any, has been lost or destroyed. Nobody knows.

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