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Anglican priest in Zimbabwe freed; bishop robbed

Updated Saturday morning

ACNS report the latest development: As Zimbabwe priest is freed, bishop is robbed of communications equipment.

The Bishop of Harare the Rt Revd Dr Nicholas Chad Gandiya said he is suspicious of a robbery at his house in which only money and communications equipment were taken.

On the same day that international media carried the news of the arrest and imprisonment of Anglican priest Reverend Julius Zimbudzana and of the impending visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to Zimbabwe, four men forced their way into the bishop’s home on Thursday evening. They ordered him and his family to lie on the floor and then proceeded to ransack the house.

Bp Chad said, “We gave them all the money we had between us all which came to $600 to $800. They threatened to kill us if we did not give them money. They searched my son’s bedroom and ours for money and any valuables they could get. They literally trashed our bedroom. They took my laptop and my son’s two laptops and all our cell phones.

“They shoved us all into the bathroom and tried to lock us in but it did not work. They threatened to load all our property in cars and take it all away. We rejoice and thank God that none of us were hurt. We simply did what they told us to do.

“I am however, very suspicious of this robbery. It seems what they were after were just the laptops and phones.”

He added that the robbery means that his ability to communicate is now, of course, much more limited than before.

The robbery took place only hours after the priest in charge at St Mary’s Anglican Church, Reverend Julius Zimbudzana, was finally released from jail after being arrested on a charge of taking over Anglican church property worth over US$1.5 million…

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Savi Hensman
Savi Hensman
12 years ago

It is hard to know what would be most effective in these circumstances, especially since Robert Mugabe is so unpredictable. However I think it would be helpful, if Rowan Williams were to visit, for his staff to emphasise that he would be going not as head of the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe but as Primate of a sister-church and as reflecting solidarity within the worldwide Anglican Communion with the suffering people of Zimbabwe and the pastoral and prophetic work of the church there. The Anglican church in that province is not foreign-led, and any confusion on this matter should be… Read more »

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