Thinking Anglicans


Lucy Chumbley writes for the Daily Episcopalian that Isaac and Ishmael were brothers.

Michael Potemra writes for the National Review about a sermon given by Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori last Sunday: Serendipity at St. John the Divine.

Robert W Prichard writes for The Living Church about The Anglican Communion: A Brief History Lesson.

Simon Jenkins (the editor of Ship of Fools) writes The resurrection goes to court.

The Tablet has this editorial: Dr Williams’ dilemma.

Gary Gutting writes for The New York Times: Beyond ‘New Atheism’.

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Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds

Very good Tablet editorial.

Father Ron Smith

What the Tablet editorial does point out is that fact that the Archbishop of Canterbury has no legal jurisdiction over other Provinces of the Anglican Communion. His title: ‘Primus inter pares’ is one of respect, rather than juridical oversight. That this is so different an ‘authority’ from that of the Pontifical Magisterium cannot be denied, and it is this fact that makes many of us in the outer Provinces so wary of the intent of the Covenant Process. Also, considering the fact that the Church of England originally resisted the U.S. claim to collegiality with ‘Mother Church’, one cannot blame… Read more »