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Archbishop of Canterbury in Zimbabwe

Updated frequently on Sunday as additional reports are published

The Telegraph reports Archbishop of Canterbury cheered in Zimbabwe.

Lambeth Palace has published the full text of the Archbishop’s sermon to the Anglicans in Zimbabwe.

Riazat Butt, and David Smith in Harare, write for the Guardian that Rowan Williams takes Mugabe to task in Zimbabwe sermon.

Associated Press via the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has a report, with numerous photos of demonstrators opposing the visit, headlined Archbishop says Christianity not about politics.

Zim Guardian has Mugabe, Archbishop of Canterbury Set for Fiery Meeting

AFP Anglican leader cheered in Zimbabwe amid Church split

BBC Archbishop of Canterbury on ‘healing’ Zimbabwe trip

Reuters Archbishop of Canterbury denounces attacks on Zimbabwe church

Telegraph Aislinn Laing Archbishop of Canterbury attacks ‘mindless and Godless’ assaults on Anglicans

Mail Online Archbishop of Canterbury’s visit to Zimbabwe hit by anti-homosexual protests as Bishop brands it a ‘crusade for gays’

Press Association Williams backs Zimbabwe’s Anglicans

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Ephraim Radner
Ephraim Radner
12 years ago

God bless the Archbishop for doing this. It is the kind of leadership from the Communion that is so desperately needed, and in many places.

Davis d'Ambly
Davis d'Ambly
12 years ago

A very powerful sermon from Rowan. Very impressive indeed.

Scott Knitter
Scott Knitter
12 years ago

May His Grace continue to speak Truth to power, and may God use this Truth to soften the hearts of stone.

Grandmère Mimi
12 years ago

Archbishop Rowan’s sermon was excellent, and he’s conducted himself courageously thus far during his visit to Zimbabwe.

Father Ron Smith
12 years ago

There was a picture in our local Press in Christchurch, N.Z. today, in which the Archbishop of Canterbury is seen presiding at a Mass in the Harare Stadium in the presence of some 20,000 people – most of them probably suffering from the depredations of President Mugabe and his minion, apostate Bishop Nolbert Kunonga. The sermon by the Archbishop was very much to the point, where he critised Mugabe’s leadership of Zimbabwe – citing the enormous profits now made by the Zimbabwe Government in the diamond mines – without much of this largesse being used in the interests of building… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
12 years ago

Lest I be accused of exaggeration, I need to correct the size of the crowd at the ABC’s Mass in Harare. Later reports have assessed it as 10,000 not 20,000.
In any event, this was 9,900 more than appeared outside Harare’s Cathedral to support Kunonga’s placard-wielding opposition group. Deo gratias!

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