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further developments in the South Carolina case

Updated Friday evening

Following on from here, the stream of material continues. Making sense of it all is not easy.

The Diocese of South Carolina has issued this: Diocese Releases Correspondence Relating to Josephine Hicks, Church Attorney

The Living Church has published Bishop: Attorney Never on Disciplinary Board.

TitusOneNine has published a helpful index of documents published so far.

Episcopal Café has published an analysis of events, titled The game is afoot in South Carolina.

Preludium has published On this business of accession to the General Convention and What to do if you (Diocese of South Carolina) don’t like Title IV (or TEC’s “direction.”)

Anglican Curmudgeon has published Why Would Any Disciplinary Board Choose Ms. Hicks?

Friday evening update
Living Church Church Attorney Recuses Herself

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Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
12 years ago

After reading the offering by Anglican Curmudgeon, I looked up the Chambers Dictionary meaning:

“Curmudgeon: an avaricious,ill-natured churlish fellow; a miser”.

And that’s what he calls himself. He is clearly in sync with the old aphorism: ‘To thine own-self, be true.’

Is he Anglican? I’m not too sure.

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