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Archbishop's Central Africa visit concluded

Additional press releases from Lambeth Palace:

Archbishop travels to Manicaland, Zimbabwe

Visit to St Augustine’s Mission in Manicaland, Zimbabwe

And about the final leg of the visit, to Zambia:

Archbishop of Canterbury arrives in Zambia

Archbishop meets President Michael Sata of Zambia

ACNS reports Good news for Zimbabwe Anglicans tempered by reports of orphan abuse.

Press reports:

ENI via Anglican Journal Zimbabwe judges rule in favour of Anglican church

Mail and Guardian Zim’s church horror: ‘Homosexuals must die’

Telegraph Aislinn Laing and Peta Thorneycroft Zimbabwe’s Anglicans in rare victory following Archbishop of Canterbury visit

And also Zambia’s president, Michael Sata, urges Archbishop of Canterbury: ‘send more missionaries’.

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Father Ron Smith
12 years ago

In the context of politics in the region, one can only pray that the dismissal of the original Supreme Court ruling that gifted excommunicated former Bp.Nolbert Konunga with properties of the Church in Zimbabwe will not be back-tracked in the wake of the ABC’s visit to Zimbabwe.

It would appear that Mugabe’s friend, Kunonga’s plan to high-jack Harare Cathedral and other Church properties has, in the meantime, been thwarted. One cannot help wondering whether this situation may yet be a pawn in the Mugabe Government’s move to get the current British Sanctions removed. The world will be watching.

Martin Reynolds
12 years ago

There was a report early on in the tour when one of Rowan’s aides was reported as saying to a journalist “This is not a game.” That reminded us that people’s whole lives were being destroyed by what is happening in Zimbabwe, and that the threat to gay people – “Homosexuals must die” – is very real and being fanned by the Church. It also reminded me of the negative piece in the run-up to the visit from Jonathan Wynne-Jones which was predicting the visit would worsen the situation. What “game” was he playing? Of course diplomacy has often been… Read more »

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