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The Guardian republishes this article: From the archive, 11 November 1871: St Paul’s under scrutiny.

Giles Fraser writes in The Church Times about Peace, but not as the world gives.

Christopher Howse writes in The Telegraph about Calling upon God by his name. “The name of God means more than choosing the right four Hebrew letters.”

George Pitcher writes for the New Statesman that Bishop Chartres arrived at St Paul’s like Churchill at the Admiralty.

Frank Griswold writes for Faith and Leadership that Maybe this is the desert time.

Simon Jenkins (the one who used to be editor of The Times) writes for The Guardian: The ethical fluff of St Paul’s and Rowan Williams is a liberal cop-out.
This article has prompted letters galore: Simple sermon on ethics won’t do.

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Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
12 years ago

I appreciate Bishop Frank Griswold’s understanding of the Universal Church as being in one of its periodic ‘desert places’ at this time in the history of the World. Jesus drew strength from his own experiences of ‘being in the wilderness’. It is when the Church believes it has already achieved the pinnacle of its appointed ‘Mission’, that it needs to take a step back (into the wilderness?) to discover what yet needs to be done – in the way of witnessing to the love and Mercy of Christ our Redeemer – that might just be the saving grace that will… Read more »

12 years ago

I’m sorry, but I find retired Bishop Frank Griswold’s message somewhat repugnant. The leadership of the Episcopal Church (USA) has “pissed” away its influence and lost much of the laity to the snake-oil salespeople of religious hatred through its own alienating actions. I’ve seen it all from the “Green” book, through “VIM” and the “Decade of Evangelism” to the self-defeating acceptance of “purification” of today. Yes, we need to stand up for what is ‘right’, it’s how we’ve done that we have failed miserably, along with trashing countless music programs, beautiful liturgies, not to mention endowment funds and influence in… Read more »

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