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opinion a week before Christmas

Andrew Gerns writes on his blog about Choosing the anchor of certainty over the sails of comprehension.
[This is in response to the article by Joseph Bottum The End of Canterbury that I linked to last week.]

Nick Spencer writes in The Guardian that The Church of England’s future grows ever more bleak.
“One grim finding for Anglicans in the British Social Attitudes survey is how few find religion after not being born into it.”

Christopher Howse of The Telegraph has made a seasonal pilgrimage from Nazareth to Bethlehem: Holy Land pilgrimage: Away to the manger.

Giles Fraser writes for Church Times about Waiting and the need for God.

Joseph Harker writes for The Guardian that For all its flaws, religion remains a force for good.
“I’d rather have a reminder of what I should be striving for than hear no message at all.”

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Father Ron Smith
12 years ago

No-one in their right mind wants to see the end of the See of Canterbury as the Founding Province of the Anglican Communion. However, grown-up children of the federation need to be given space to be – as God is calling them to be – independent, and yet remaining in filial relationship, by Love, rather than paternalistic discipline. Trust ought to be the watchword for our Communion – not Covenant. Our deepest Unity is in Christ alone!

12 years ago

Nick Spencer’s piece is both (a) deeply worrying, and (b) what one already knows. So the task, as ever, but with especial urgency now, is serious evangelism but with a serious concern with objections and difficulties. Exit/exeunt immediately Alpha/Emmaus/the entire corpus of NT Wright.

12 years ago

Is it just me, or do these collective “opinions” point to a Great Winter of Our Anglican (among others?) Discontent?

Everything’s “bleak”, everything’s shrinking, everything’s falling apart.

Wow, if we humans were (eternally) left to our own devices, we’d be in bad shape! ;-/

12 years ago

It’s what sells, JCF!

“Keep Calm and Carry On” only sells as a printed slogan.

Whenever the world is driven by numbers/money/market-share/whatever, lack is the only news that’s fit to print. If we had had modern reporters at the tomb on Easter Sunday, the reports would’ve been:

“Shocking Wave of Corpse Snatchings!”
“Sleepy Centurions: How Safe ARE We?”

When the Kingdom is finally here, everyone will go out of business.

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