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Giles Fraser writes in the Church Times writes Beyond two dimensions: fail better.

Nick Baines has preached a sermon about The Spread of Truth.

Alicia Jo Rabins writes in The Huffington Post about Esther, Vashti And Other Badass Women In The Bible.

Also in The Huffington Post Matthew L Skinner asks John 2:13-22: Where Can God Be Found?

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Rosemary Hannah
Rosemary Hannah
9 years ago

Very moved by Giles Fraser’s piece – so familiar. And it is endless harder, it seems. But then courage comes to seem one of the chief of the virtues, the one which enables the others. I hope he knows that his sacrifice has enabled others of us to hold our heads high with our friends.

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
9 years ago

I, too, found Giles Fraser’s offering quite affecting. In our city of Christchurch, New Zealand, in the aftermath of Quakes and After-shocks, the Cathedral has been de-consecrated. This has led to emotional conflict in the local community – between those who feel the original plan of the Cathedral should be replicated in a new or heavily-renovated copy of the original; and those who (like me) feel that, in view of the destruction that has occurred, a newer, more contemporary building should be planned for the future. I feel, like Fr. Giles, that there is a need to move on from… Read more »

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