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opinion for St Patrick's day

Greg Tobin asks in The Huffington Post Who Was the Real Saint Patrick?

Also in The Huffington Post Pierre Whalon writes about Human Rights and Religion: The Highest Possible Stakes.

Giles Fraser writes in the Church Times about Unleashing the power of viral video.

Deirdre Good and Julian Sheffield write for the Daily Episcopalian that Lent is for our sake, not Jesus’.

Christopher Howse writes for The Telegraph about Devotional high noon at St Paul’s.

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Gerry Lynch
12 years ago

Covenant annihilated in Liverpool. Both Scouse bishops vote against. Rowan’s departure is already having a positive effect.

Father Ron Smith
12 years ago

What about +James for Canterbury. Here is an Evangelical with a Catholic heart.

Prior Aelred
12 years ago

As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, I’m with Father Ron Smith on this — there were rumblings about Liverpool a decade ago (apparently he was chums with Blair) but it wasn’t an Evangelical’s turn.

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