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Comments on an archbishop's resignation

Much has been written about the resignation of the Archbishop of Canterbury and his acceptance of the Mastership of Magdalene College Cambridge. Much of this has not been worth reading, but here are some of the better articles.

Benjamin Myers in Times Higher Education: An inclusive mission

Stephen Crittenden in The Global Mail: The Philosopher Priest

Giles Fraser in The Guardian: Rowan Williams was brilliant, but failed to bridge chasm of divided church

George Conger in the Church of England Newspaper: The Rowan Williams years and Overseas reactions to Dr. Williams’ resignation

The Tablet has this editorial: Wanted: Superhuman Anglican.

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Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
12 years ago

George Conger’s attempt at an explanation of his (GAFCON’s) understanding of what is required for Anglican Unity comes in this report: “Since Dr. Rowan Williams “did not resign in 2008, over the split Lambeth Conference, one would have expected him to stay on in office, and work assiduously to ‘mend the net’ or repair the breach, before bowing out of office. The only attempt, the covenant proposal, was doomed to fail from the start,” Archbishop Okoh said.” Conger’s alliance with GAFCON and ACNA would never be prepared to admit that it might have been the intransigence of their own dissatisfaction… Read more »

12 years ago

As far as I am concerned, +Rowan Williams is a prophet and the latest anglican protomartyr. Perhaps, others will come to realize the consequences of his “cruxifiction”

12 years ago

Believe me, most of us are *living* the consequences of his “crucifixion.”

And yes, he’s a prophet – just like Dathan and just like Caiaphas.

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