Thinking Anglicans

opinion for Pentecost

The Dirty Sexy Ministry blog tells us What Priests Want You to Know.
And Ben Reed tells us 10 Things You Forget About Pastors.

Sam Charles Norton asks What is to be done?
[The Guardian article referred to is here.]

Tim Suttle at The Huffington Post asked several theologians What Is the Chief Political Concern of the Bible? and gives us their answers.

Paul Vallely writes in the Church Times about How to find Paradise on the ground.

Episcopal Café has two articles about the Ascension.
Ascension’s real message by George Clifford
Ascension to the Right Hand of God? Where? by Donald Schell

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Father Ron Smith
11 years ago

Ben Reed’s article seems just a wee bit out of place for Thinking Anglicans like myself. Mind you, his article here does reflect the Baptist Church emphasis – 50 % of the pastor’s work load. One does wonder about the sacramental part of this ministry.

david rowett
11 years ago

“If we mess up…God is upset with us. “

Hm, not entirely sure this person has reflected on the Incarnation……

Father Ron Smith
11 years ago

Missing from my previous comment – on Ben Reed’s article – the word ‘preaching’ being 50% of a Baptist’s ministry. This leaves little time for pastoral and sacramental ministry.

Bill Dilworth
Bill Dilworth
11 years ago

The thing I found troubling about Reed’s article was the idea that he (and other Baptist ministers) work for God, while the rest of us work for our human employers.

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