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The Archbishop of York has been interviewed by The Independent. There are two different online versions of the interview, one on the Archbishop’s own website: Archbishop’s Big Questions Interview in The Independent, and one on the newspaper’s: The big questions: Is milk too cheap? Are the Games worth it? Should young people work for experience?

Esther J Hamori writes for The Huffington Post about Biblical Standards for Marriage.

Peter Selby writes for The Tablet about debt and money: Wake-up call.

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Liionel Deimel
9 years ago

Sentamu, in justifying an established church, dismisses the role played by bishops in the House of Lords, probably because many would argue that that role is not a positive one.

The other “virtues” of the church he talks about, however, have nothing to do with establishment. I suspect that he simply cannot imagine a Church of England that is not established.

Let’s hope the next Archbishop of Canterbury thinks more clearly and with more imagination.

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