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CNC election results

The elections for the central members of the Crown Nominations Commission (to serve for five years from 1 September 2012) have just been held, and the results are now available.

The House of Laity elected

April Alexander (Southwark)
Aiden Hargreaves-Smith (London)
Jane Patterson (Sheffield).

The House of Clergy elected

John Dunnett (Chelmsford)
Judith Maltby (Oxford University)
Andrew Nunn (Southwark).

The current elected members will continue on the CNC to select the next Archbishop of Canterbury. The newly elected members will first take part in the choice of the next Bishop of Blackburn, with CNC meetings scheduled for 10 January and 30/31 January 2013.

The elections were by STV (single transferable vote) and the detailed voting sheets are available for download.

CNC Elections – House of Clergy
CNC Elections – House of Laity

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Bill Dilworth
Bill Dilworth
11 years ago

No bishops?

Peter Owen
11 years ago

The bishops are represented on the CNC by the two archbishops. Other bishops only serve as central members if an archbishop is unavailable (or chooses not to serve) for a particular vacancy.

Perry Butler
Perry Butler
11 years ago

Given the age profile of the current bench of bishops the CNC will be quite busy over the next few years.Do these elections suggest anything significant. Judith Maltby and Andrew Nunn are both liberal catholics, Aiden H-S a traditionalist anglo-catholic….dont know anything about the others.

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