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Canon Glyn Webster to become Bishop of Beverley

Updated Wednesday evening

From 10 Downing Street: Suffragan See of Beverley

The Queen has approved the nomination of the Reverend Canon Glyn Hamilton Webster, SRN, presently Acting Dean of York and Canon Chancellor and Canon Residentiary of York Minster, in the diocese of York, to the Suffragan See of Beverley, in the Diocese of York, in succession to the Right Reverend Martyn William Jarrett, BD, AKC, MPhil, on his resignation on the 30 September 2012. Beverley is the See reserved for the Provincial Episcopal Visitor for the Northern Province…

From Bishopthorpe Palace The Suffragan See of Beverley

…Glyn Webster, Bishop of Beverley Designate, said:

“I am honoured and humbled to have been approached to take on this role as a Suffragan Bishop of Beverley at this very crucial time in the church. I am passionately committed to the unity of the whole life of the Church of England; never wanting to encourage people to operate as a church within a church.

“It’s really important to our future life together if we are going to make any impact on this nation of ours with the gospel of Christ that we remain together. I hope to make my contribution in this new role and I look forward to serving with the Archbishop.”

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11 years ago

Will his elevation means his resignation from the CNC?

Peter Owen
11 years ago

Canon Webster will cease to be eligible to be a House of Clergy rep on the CNC when he becomes a bishop. His consecration is scheduled for 25 January 2013*. He will therefore continue to take part in the choice of the next Archbishop of Canterbury; the final CNC meeting for this is scheduled for the end of September.

He withdrew from the recent elections for the CNC and it is the new members who will consider vacancies after Canterbury.

* See

11 years ago

Is this appointment purely at the discretion of the Archbishop of York? And if so, is this discretion absolute or is he required to follow the guidelines issued to the House of Bishops by its legal advisors?

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