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Andrew Brown argues in The Guardian that You can’t dance to atheism.
He has also written Don’t just blame ‘religion’ when parents refuse to let desperately ill children die.

Rod Thomas asks in The Church of England Newspaper Where are the Reform Bishops?

David Lose asks in The Huffington Post Was Jesus a Jerk?

In a reminder of how things used to be, The Guardian has this From the archive, 8 September 1979: Robert Runcie is to be the 102nd Archbishop of Canterbury.

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Stephen Bates
Stephen Bates
11 years ago

Others on the CofE Newspaper website have responded to Rod Thomas’s article, noting certain shortcomings in Wally Benn’s golden age as bishop of Lewes, including the clergy discipline measures, but Rod’s moan about not enough Reformistas being appointed bishops highlights some conservative evangelicals’ hypocrisy. They have a pretty ambivalent attitude towards bishops: agreeing with those they agree with and ignoring (and sometimes insulting) those who don’t share their particular views. Remember the refusal to allow Rowan to preach at the NEAC conference because he might infect his hearers with error? If you think you should ignore bishops in an episcopal… Read more »

Jonathan Jennings
Jonathan Jennings
11 years ago

I’d forgotten how elegantly Baden Hickman could write. He was my predecessor in the diocese of Manchester and his press releases were absolute works of art …

Richard Ashby
Richard Ashby
11 years ago

I am sure that many of us are very curious to know why this encomium to Bp Benn has appeard at this time. As has been pointed out, even if the article was written before the publication of the interim report in to the Diocese the facts about the CDM and other issues relating to Bp Benn and child protection are common knowledge. Is this the start of a whitewash or is someone trying to re-write history. What is also interesting is that after a week there is still no contribution in the Bp’s defence or reponse to my and… Read more »

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