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Updated Sunday author of third item corrected

Excuses for Not Going to Church are examined on The Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley blog.

Derek Flood asks in The Huffington Post Did Jesus Die to Save Us From God?

Theo Hobson Mark Vernon writes for The Guardian that Christianity must admit to the bad news before it can spread the good.

Stephen Kuhrt writes for Fulcrum that Cricket reaches the parts that Theology never can.

Giles Fraser writes in The Guardian that Charlie Richardson’s priest was flawed, but embodied Jesus’s love of the fallen.

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  • Randal Oulton says:

    Have been reading Theo Hobson’s articles. Took me several days, owing to the workaday demands on one’s time. Following his articles. He’s interesting, in that he’s all over the map, thinking-wise and literally.

    He’s on a continuing journey and it’s interesting to watch.

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