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Anglican Consultative Council opens in Auckland

Updated 30 October

The Anglican Consultative Council is currently meeting in Auckland, New Zealand. That link leads to all the official press releases, podcasts, videos, and photographs from the Anglican Communion News Service.

ACC welcome: Once in a lifetime event

More material is available here.

Episcopal News Service also has extensive coverage: for example Consultative Council gets challenging welcome from New Zealanders.

Earlier the Standing Committee met, and issued this bulletin.

The agenda for the meeting can be found as a PDF here.

Audio of the press conference held on 29 October is here.

Opening speech by the Secretary General is reported here. There is some discussion in that of who is attending and the full list of members (and alternates where attending) is over here.

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Randal Oulton
Randal Oulton
11 years ago

Rowan said, ““I’d say that for the vast majority of Anglicans in the world, it’s not one they can come to terms with.”

True. But it’s a heck of a lot more comfortable for them focussing on that; otherwise, Lord knows, the topic might uncomfortably shift to what their churches and congregations are going to do about poverty, pandemic violence, widespread corruption, and support implicit and explicit of rogue and tyrannical regimes. But I guess those topics are the elephants in the room one avoids for fear of upsetting them.

Father Ron Smith
11 years ago

One of the most heartening aspects of ACC15 can be gained from listening to the podcast of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s sermon at Holy Trinity cathedral at this morning’s opening Eucharist.
click on :

The ABC speaks of the Love of God that is cause-less and reckless; looking out upon the world – rather than just inwardly to ourselves in the Church. This sounds like good old ‘Inclusive Church’ to this listener.

11 years ago

“For the vast majority of Anglicans in the world the idea of same-sex marriage is not one they can come to terms with,” [ABC Williams] continued. This CANARD again??? How many times does it have to be reiterated: the “vast majority of Anglicans in the world” have NEVER democratically expressed their view on this matter! Just because some bishop or Primate of some (alleged) # of Anglicans has fulminated (at length/for North American phobo-dollars) on the subject, does NOT mean he speaks for their flock. Moreover, the question isn’t even “Does Anglican ‘A’ have an opinion on the ‘idea of… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
11 years ago

I have just read, via ‘Praeludium’ Fr. Mark Harris’ comments on a virtueonline article, that the ACO invited a CANA Bishop – a former priest from the NZ Nelson Diocese – Julian Dobbs – to be an ‘Observer’ at ACC15 in Auckland. Naturally enough, Bishop Dobbs did not share in the Eucharistic Celebration, thus making – together with two other Nigerian representatives at the ACC – an official protest at the presence of the Presiding bishop of TEC – from which Church CANA is a schismatic offshoot. One wonders why the General Secretary of the ACO made an invitation to… Read more »

Simon Sarmiento
11 years ago

The link for that comment is

Note also that there are no delegates from Uganda.

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