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GAFCON supports South Carolina

Following on from here,

GAFCON Primates Write in Support of Bishop Lawrence

…During our meeting last week in Dar es Salaam we took time to pray for you and the clergy and people of the Diocese of South Carolina. We are encouraged by your faithfulness to the Bible and rejoice in your clear stand for the Gospel.

We are grieved, however, by the attitude and actions of the leadership of The Episcopal Church and their efforts to demand canonical obedience through unjust means to their ungodly agenda. As we have made clear in the Jerusalem Declaration we reject their authority and call on them to repent and return to the Lord.

Please know that we continue to recognize you as a faithful Anglican bishop and the Diocese of South Carolina as part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church….

and in this October Pastoral Letter there was an express mention of South Carolina:

…As a result of the increased aggressiveness of the revisionists there are now those in every province and beyond who wish to stand with us and who need our help to stand for Christ: in Recife (Brazil), in South Carolina, in the Church of Scotland, in Ireland, in England, in Australia and many more. We received reports from various FCA affiliates and rejoice in their faithful witness in the face of tremendous pressure and were delighted to receive an application for the establishment of an FCA affiliate in Australia.

We were also reminded of the need for prayer for those who will gather in Auckland, New Zealand, for the meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council. In particular we prayed that they will avoid compromise and have the courage to declare boldly the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is good news for all people at all times and in all cultures…

And there was this letter from the UK.

A group called South Carolina Episcopalians has a different take on events. See for example, this Frequently Asked Questions page.

The Living Church has just published this article by Mark McCall titled Dumbing Abandonment Down. This needs to be read in full, but here’s an excerpt:

…To step back from the canonical fine print, the larger question is whether South Carolina intended to leave the Episcopal Church by these acts. The answer quite obviously is no. It is obvious for three reasons. First, even the disciplinary board never claims that the diocese either withdrew or attempted to withdraw from the Episcopal Church by these actions. It claims only that the modification of the accession clause violated the Episcopal Church’s Constitution. But South Carolina’s legal counsel correctly advised the convention before it voted on these resolutions that seven dioceses have no accession clause at all and another 15, like South Carolina after the 2010 vote, accede only to the Constitution.

Second, the advocates of the resolutions, including Bishop Lawrence, said explicitly on the floor of the convention that “we are not deciding to leave the national church by passing these; in no way are we deciding that” (the Very Rev. John B. Burwell) and “we are called to resist what many of us believe is a self-destructive trajectory within the Episcopal Church; and to resist until it is no longer possible” (Bishop Lawrence).

Third, South Carolina has continued to participate in the life of the Episcopal Church since these resolutions were passed two years ago, including participating in the House of Bishops and General Convention. It is puzzling how bishops who sat next to Bishop Lawrence at General Convention in July could then vote in September that he had abandoned the church back in 2010…

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11 years ago

“GAFCON supports South Carolina”

And, in other news, water is wet. Kyrie eleison…

Concerned Anglican
Concerned Anglican
11 years ago

GAFCON Primates write in support of Lawrence? There are actually only two signatories on the letter.

There is a distinct tendency, increasingly often evidenced, for a tiny group to claim to be speaking on behalf of a much larger one in the GAFCON movement.

Rosemary Hannah
Rosemary Hannah
11 years ago

Is it possible that GAFCON have not realised that the Church of Scotland is Presbyterian? Whilst it does indeed have its discussions and troubles, as which church does not, it seems highly unlikely any part of it would think turning any shade of Anglican was any kind of solution …

kennedy fraser
kennedy fraser
11 years ago

Peter Jensen has written in support of the Presbyterian ex-CofS congregation who have seceded from the Church of Scotland.

In a striking parallel with the property disputes in the US, the congregation is attempting to retain the building and the assets.

Statement from CofS

Lapinbizarre/Roger Mortimer
Lapinbizarre/Roger Mortimer
11 years ago

Two signatories, one of whom (Jensen) is not a primate, Concerned Anglican.

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