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Andrew Brown in The Guardian The dictionary is wrong – science can be a religion too

Susan Russell in the Huffington Post And Here’s to You, Bishop Robinson

Matthew Groves for ResPublica The New Archbishop: A counter-cultural first among equals

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Father Ron Smith
11 years ago

A good article by Susan Russell in Huff Post. Bishop Gene has done the hard yards – as President Barack Obama has mentioned in his farewell message. TEC has helped the Anglican Communion – in more ways than one – to come of age in matters of gender and sexuality, mopving from hypocrisy to honesty.

Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
11 years ago

There was much to agree with in Susan Russell’s piece, the last decade has seen an extraordinary positive leap in attitudes towards gay people that has left many activists on both sides breathless and lagging behind public opinion. What also struck me was the Country Club ethos that so often runs alongside these cutting edge movements TEC so often throws out. It reminds me of a small meeting of radical Christians I was invited to attend almost 40 years ago, hosted by a member of the Atheneum. It’s interesting to note that the decline of Country Clubs in no small… Read more »

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