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John Bingham reports in the Telegraph that Being ‘forgiven’ makes people more generous, psychologists find.

Giles Fraser writes in The Guardian that In theology as in politics, conflict is not only real, it is necessary.

Jahnabi Barooah writes for The Huffington Post about Advent 2012: A Season Of Waiting For The Coming Of Christ. The article includes photographs of the Advent Darkness to Light service held in Salisbury Catehdral. Do view these in full screen.

Caroline Davies writes in The Guardian: Last Christmas? Partridges and turtle doves face risk of extinction in UK.

It’s not just opponents of women bishops; other Traditionalists demand ‘proper provision’.

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Father David
Father David
11 years ago

With regard to the ending of male precedence in the monarchy – Mr. Cameron is being very Scandinavian and not at all, as with so many other issues, Conservative.

Bill Dilworth
11 years ago

You really ought to make the monarchy dependent on the female line – all your greatest monarchs (the Blessed Martyr aside) have been women.

Father David
Father David
11 years ago

I know it is often said that if the Church of England didn’t exist it would not be necessary to invent it but Giles Fraser goes too far when he writes that, following, the vote, an historical watershed has been reached “where the church is no longer any use to the state. Indeed it has become a liability” (talk about biting the hand that feeds you!). This is almost as regrettable as the Diocesan Bishop who called the CofE “a national embarrassment” prior to treating his women vicars to a champagne breakfast in his cathedral church. So – if Giles… Read more »

11 years ago

Characteristically confused piece from Giles Fraser. Almost incredible that this man ever taught philosophy in Oxford.

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