Thinking Anglicans


Hannah Meltzer in the New Statesman asks What makes a gay vicar stay in the Church of England?.

Lynne Tuohy of Associated Press writes First Gay Anglican Bishop Reflects on Tenure in NH.

Anglicans Online offers us 12 reasons to be a cheerful Anglican.

Jerome Taylor writes for The Independent: Happy, clappy, and out of the closet: Evangelicals who say being gay is OK.

Giles Fraser writes for The Guardian that St Paul’s ‘body as a temple’ didn’t have today’s calorie obsession in mind.

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11 years ago

These are terrific articles, thank you for posting them! Father Ray’s theology is spot-on, as far as I’m concerned. The article about accepting Evangelicals was most interesting. I love it when stereotypes are overturned! Further, this same process is actually happening in the US. Hard to believe, giving their high profile ultra conservative stances. Nonetheless, a large number of members of the next generation don’t see eye-to-eye with their elders on LGBT issues. There is a sea change happening in the Evangelical churches in the US. Wow! The Holy Spirit is on the job. Again, the catalyst for change was… Read more »

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