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Michael Bourdeaux wrote for Fulcrum The Iron Lady and the Dissident.

Andrew Brown wrote at Cif belief Why the Church of England is in decline.
The church has failed to capitalise on its tally of advantages, and people are now cynical about the organisation.

And he has also written Why we’ll never have total religious freedom.
The US State Department report on religious freedom highlights much that is bad, but to dream of tolerant rationality is unrealistic.

Hadley Freeman wrote in the Guardian about From ‘swivel-eyed loons’ to lesbian queens: what fresh hell for the Tories?

And Tom Chivers wrote in the Telegraph A response to Lord Tebbit, on the subject of gay marriage and lesbian queens.

Savi Hensman wrote at Ekklesia Responding rationally to the Woolwich murder.

Simon Barrow wrote there too: Church ‘issues’ are about people, not abstract ideas.

The Economist has an article about the Church of Scotland: A gay Rubicon.

And finally, Archdruid Eileen wrote Contemporary Christianity Exam.

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Tim Chesterton
11 years ago

Note to self: never read the ‘comments’ section in ‘Comment is Free’. Every religious column, without exception, turns into a vicious debate about atheism versus theism – a debate in which very few people listen and most people yell.

On the other hand, it does increase one’s appreciation for ‘Thinking Anglicans’. I know we have some robust arguments here from time to time, but we rarely fall to the level of nastiness that seems to be the usual thing at CiF!

11 years ago

Michael Bourdeaux’s piece on “The Iron Lady and the Dissident” is rather more amusing than most of what appears on Fulcrum. I especially liked his opening line:

“Soon after Margaret Thatcher’s second election success she summoned a group of eight academics and addressed them: “We have spent five years learning how to deal with the Russians: now I want you to tell me how to bring this inhuman system to an end.””

I can’t believe that none of the dons present had the presence of mind to say: “Well, have you considered immediate resignation, Prime Minister?”

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